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NET Developer What is .NET and what does .NET developer do?

Assemblies compiled using the C++/CLI compiler are termed mixed-mode assemblies since they contain native and managed code in the same DLL. Such assemblies are more complex to reverse engineer since .NET decompilers such as .NET Reflector reveal only the managed code. Microsoft introduced C++/CLI in Visual Studio 2005, which is a language and means of compiling Visual C++ programs to run within the .NET Framework. Some parts of the C++ program still run within an unmanaged Visual C++ Runtime, while specially modified parts are translated into CIL code and run with the .NET Framework's CLR.

  • The .NET Framework provides a high level of security in terms of authentication and authorization.
  • This skill is valued as its development and maintenance come from Microsoft itself, which requires rectification after every two years.
  • When hiring the employers often give the preference to those candidates, who have technical education.
  • As a .NET developer, you develop applications using the Microsoft .NET framework.
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  • The engineer should have not only a strong technical background, but also very good soft skills.

ASP.NET Site MVC is spreading over the web market replacing many others competing with it. As the web programming is progressing up ahead, a developer should master this skill. With the help of this framework, developers can make beautiful, fast and secure web applications hiring asp net developer easily. Thereby, this parameter can be considered at the first place while evaluating applicants. Is spreading over the web market replacing many others competing with it. Therefore, this parameter can be considered as the first place while evaluating applicants.

.NET Developer Job Overview

This makes it one of the most commonly used languages in the world today. It allows the developers to add functionality without modifying the existing code. It provides high performance and scalability while maintaining excellent flexibility. The language will enable developers to write code in the most appropriate language without having to choose between them. This simplifies the task for developers to develop software according to their needs.

what is .net developer

They typically have experience working with C# or Visual Basic .NET, and often have experience with ASP.NET and XML. In addition to their technical skills, .NET developers must be able to work effectively in a team environment and have strong communication and problem-solving skills. In the .NET developer role, you will be responsible for creating software applications, training end-users, and providing immediate technical support. Creativity and the ability to frame complex programming syntax into simple and easily digestible codes are critical elements of this position. Success in this role will be exhibited by delivering functional and scalable software that greatly enhances the speed, accuracy, and productivity of users.

.Net Developer – Job Description, Salary, Skills, and Resume

However, microservices can be completely managed by different teams and adhere to different standards. A monolithic application is completely self-contained in the context of behavior. For the https://globalcloudteam.com/ horizontal scaling, monolithic application is usually duplicated entirely on several servers or virtual machines. Machine Learning is certainly one of the main technologies of the future.

what is .net developer

According to data, the average salary for a .NET developer in the United States is $77,520 per year and ₹455,986 per year in India. This expert will likely use Behavioral Driven Development , DevOps tools, and Test Driven Development to implement these methodologies. A .Net Developer’s job profile entails the role of creating a software application using the .NET framework. The dot net developer will be responsible for the overall development process from writing the code to test, storing, finding errors and presenting a functional, interactive application. The additions and updations in the frameworks have broadened the work and performance scope for the software development platform.


This is a long process; instead, why not learn the fundamentals of a technology that will help your business? This framework has been helping startup owners build robust and user-friendly applications for decades. You can also use other languages compatible with the .NET runtime, such as Python, Ruby, and PowerShell. If you are interested in enhancing your software development skills further, we would ask you to check Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development. This course, in collaboration with Caltech CTME, can help you hone the right skills and make you job-ready in no time.

what is .net developer

Most hiring managers don’t really know what makes someone a .NET developer. Webhooks are an alternative to APIs used to push information between applications over the web as soon as it is avaliable. Companies choose to be vendor-agnostic in order to utilize multiple vendors and create flexible technology solutions. Hard work ethic – like any professional, developers should have a solid work ethic consisting of honesty, integrity, and constant communication. Having proficiency in at least one database system such as Oracle or SQL is crucial for managing application data. Hire highly-skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.

Why Do You Need Professionals for .Net Development?

This includes the front-end and back-end of .NET applications, and related technologies such as databases, web services, and user interfaces. They also use languages like C#, C++, VB.NET, and F#, as well as other tools such as Visual Studio to develop their applications. The .Net framework is an open-source framework that provides developers with tools and services to create web applications, mobile applications, and desktop software.

Many companies look for .NET Developers to have a computer science degree. But since it is such a specific niche within development, many are satisfied with certifications or previous experience instead. Developers can attain .NET certifications directly from Microsoft, the creator of .NET.

Hire Top .NET Developers: Essential Skills

In other words, the microservice architecture is about building an application over a collection of services that can be developed, tested, deployed, and updated independently of each other. Docker containers help in simplifying the testing and deployment through bundling a service and its dependencies into a single unit. Being deployed, each microservice can be scaled as needed independently from others.

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