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Do Not Download DLL Files to Fix Missing DLL Problems

This is a peer-to-peer feature Windows 10 uses to share updates between PCs on the same network. Select the checkboxes next to all of the updates you want to hide and prevent from installing on your system. You can completely turn them all off permanently, or you can only turn off non-critical updates. You can also temporarily halt them manually or set a schedule for when they actually happen.

If content doesn't exist to match the registry entries, the entries are deemed residual and the tool deletes them. Usually, you may experience problems with system files after installing a cumulative update or driver or making installation changes manually. The /RestoreHealth parameter scans the system for corrupt system files and automatically remedies the issues and errors found.

  • This is because turning on the Group Policy tweak mentioned tells Windows that Some settings are managed by your organization and thus restricts them.
  • The Disk Cleanup option is one of the most effective Windows inbuilt functions for managing Disk space.
  • Then we’ll show you program cant start because shell32.dll is missing how to extend paused updates for the amount of time you need up to the five-week maximum.
  • For reference, you can check the error message or popup you received, as it should specify the name of the missing file.
  • Before looking into rolling back and fixing broken Windows updates, you need to check which build of Windows you’re currently using to confirm which issues are affecting you.

Alternatively, you can select the “Pause feature updates” option to put off updates for 60 days or until you clear the check box. After you complete the steps, automatic updates will be disabled permanently on the device. However, you will still be able to download updates by clicking the Check for updates button on the Windows Update settings page.

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If none of the above apply to your situation, continue troubleshooting your problem as a Windows Update/Patch Tuesday problem by following either of the below sections. If the device still doesn't have enough space, you can use this guide that includes 11 ways to free up space on Windows 11. Because so many businesses have standardized on Windows, making drastic changes just isn’t in the cards. Businesses still see Windows as the backbone of their desktops and workstations. Sure, web servers for businesses run Linux and Apple’s macOS is now seeing more use in the enterprise. All the latest news, reviews, and guides for Windows and Xbox diehards.

The Prompt will show that these commands have finished running even when they are still operating in the background. It’s always recommended to regularly update Windows as the updates solve any existing bugs and bring about new features. Microsoft warned that hackers that exploit the vulnerability could install programs, view and delete data or even create new user accounts with full user rights.

How to disable the Pause updates feature on Windows 10

Not to mention, when using mobile data, downloading Windows updates can quickly become costly. Updates are important but sometimes they break things, therefore, it becomes important to defer them, at least for some time. Updates have dependencies; when you update, various software and apps have to be reconfigured, drivers lose their settings, possible compatibility issues, etc. The whole process takes a lot of time; the installation, restart, and first boot after the update takes ages. Moreover, if you were in the middle of something important before starting the update, you could lose access to your files until the update process finishes. One of those is the choice to stop Windows 10 updates from automatically downloading and installing.

However, restoring a backup copy of it can resolve registry issues that might arise from corrupted entries in the future. This will restore a snapshot of your PC’s registry for a chosen restore point date.

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